Why Partner with ViaSat for Managed Wi-Fi?

Scalable to tens of thousands of locations immediately!

Proven experience - working with partner who manages and monitors 100,000+ unique networks and user access for 10 Million+ APs for major carriers, tower / DAS companies, enterprises, small business customer, military bases and other partners worldwide.

Dedicated project management teams to ensure turn-ups done on time every time!

Enterprise-grade network designs, monitoring and management.

24-hour NOC and End-User support.

Fully compliant with CALEA / SAFE Act, PCI, HIPPA and other regulations.

Custom development for east and consistent user experiences, whether they access from a smart phone, laptop, tablet, gaming device, or other Wi-Fi enabled device.

About Us

  • Wi-Fi Operations Center in U.S.
  • Carrier Class NOCs (Bryan, TX and Dallas, TX) - redundant ISP feeds from diverse carriers, multiple storage backup, servers and generators.
  • Strong Core Competencies in Wi-Fi Management.
  • Design, install, manage, monitor and support networks worldwide.
  • Currently supporting more than 9 million Aps (Enterprise, gov't/DoD, small business, outdoor muni, residential, large venue and in-flight.
  • Wi-Fi management platform (TRACKOS™) is most comprehensive tool available for end-to-end management, reporting and monetization.
  • TRACKOS™ is hardware agnostic (works with any major OEM).

Some of our largest customers include:

Industries Served Worldwide

In-house Call Center

U.S. – Based Call Center

  • All call managed in-house at our call center in Texas
  • No-outsourced calls

Scope of Support and Responsibility

  • Supports end user issues through telephone and email communication
  • Provides customer support for billing, membership, and informational support
  • Provides first layer troubleshooting support to Customers, General Managers, and Venue Owners

Agent Metrics

- Call Center agents are measured on the following metrics:

  • Average Handle Time
  • Calls Handled
  • Average Hold Time,
  • After Call Troubleshooting

Property Support

– Agents act as vital point of escalation for property related issues like:

  • Down network elements
  • Coupon requests


  • Supervisors responsible for conducting agent trainings and the data integrity of the agent knowledge base
  • Intensive new hire training, along with highly developed continuing education and professional development
  • Refresh trainings are provided to employees throughout their tenure
  • 100% of calls are recorded (for training and auditing purposes)

Quality Average

  • Target is 80% of calls answered in 20 seconds or less
  • 5.5 minute average handle time.

Centralized. Hosted. Scalable.

Hosted cloud based platform manages millions of users around the globe. It runs on a highly scalable architecture in geographically redundant facilities.

ViaSat employs a scale-out philosophy for growing its services as projected demand increases.

Management Platform Screenshots

Revenue and Usage Reports

Highly customizable reporting engine.

Monitor revenue monetization and usage across a wide range of parameters in real-time.

Rate Plans

Flexible rate planning tool

Supports configuration of wide array of plans

Configure custom roaming or bandwidth controls

Network Health Monitoring

Remotely monitor device status, signal quality and Internet connectivity

Pro-active alerts and error reports capture incidents for real-time resolution

Retail Analytics

Will provide analysis tools to understand consumer behavior in retail Wi-Fi deployments

Network Configuration

Easily configure large scale Wi-Fi deployments

Seamlessly manage and observe Wi-Fi networks with ease

Promotion Codes

Easily configure promotion codes for Wi-Fi access.

Supports individual, group, and unlimited use codes

Additional Platform Features

End User Account Management

Once the rate plan and captive portal is configured in TRACKOS™, End User can self manager their account via the captive portal on site.

Loyalty / SMS Integration

Leverage the Wi-Fi to build and opt-in list.

Provide Wi-Fi Access in exchange for mobile number or e-mail address.

Portal Customization

Change image, texts, colors, button, links, advertising and more with just a few clicks.

Immediately published into production.

Roaming, Wi-Fi calling, Cell Offload

Enable roaming from several international carriers and aggregators.

Roaming revenue shared and applied against the monthly invoice for managed Wi-Fi services.

Advertising Integration

Easily configure banner and interstitial ads to your portals

Ad revenue is shared and applied against the monthly invoice for the managed Wi-Fi services

Content Filtering

Category-based filtering

Blockpage bypass

Phishing, malware and botnet protection and containment

Unique Portal Design

Utilize some of our many templates with pages like these