Indiana Embraces World Record Exede Internet

Last week ViaSat Inc. announced the appointment of Computer Central in Brazil, Indiana as the authorized agent for Exede high speed Internet service in Clay County. Powered by the ViaSat 1 satellite network, the most powerful satellite in the world, Exede Internet will have no trouble delivering quality, high speed Internet to the rural regions of Indiana and the rest of America who have been previously neglected by DSL and Cable providers, who declare less populous areas of the country “unprofitable” to offer service to.

Exede is not only in the Guinness Book of World Records as the fastest satellite connection of all time, but the most reliable as well. The FCC released findings from the 2013 edition of “Measuring Broadband America: A Report on Consumer Wire line Performance in the United Sates,” an annual nationwide study. Conducted last fall, the study measures the actual service performance for thousands of residential broadband subscribers against advertised speeds and included comparisons of DSL, cable, fiber and satellite Internet services. 2013 marks the first time the FCC has included satellite Internet in the survey, as it had been previously too slow to measure. That is, until Exede got involved.

“As a local computer business serving this community more than 10 years, we’re very pleased to be the first retailer in the area to provide very fast Internet to people who have never been able to get speeds like this in the past,” said Computer Central business manager David Lewis. “There have been unbelievable changes in the industry since we opened Computer Central in 2002, with virtually all communications at some point now passing through a satellite. Given how people expect to communicate in today’s world, we believe the future of Internet connection is in wireless technology.”

The ViaSat 1 satellite has revolutionized the industry to the point that the network has been used by the United States Navy and military, as well as selected by the American Red Cross to provide real time communications services during disaster scenarios. The ViaSat 1 satellite system recently passed industry standard testing to be installed on commercial air crafts as well.

“At a recent Cracker Barrel, State Representative Alan Morrison pointed to a recent study, which showed Clay County was the most under served county in the state for high speed Internet,” Lewis continued. “Our customers, particularly those with only dial up access currently available, have been asking for faster Internet service for years. We believe Exede is… a high-speed Internet service that is truly high speed… faster than competing systems.”

With an advertised download speed of 12 MB per second, ViaSat’s Exede is the fastest satellite service in the history of satellite Internet, though still slightly lagging behind cable and fiber connections for overall performance. However, the FCC noted that of all Internet providers, Exede Internet most consistently met or surpassed advertised speeds, while fiber and cable struggled to live up to the hype in certain parts of the country.

“In our testing, we found that during peak periods, 90 percent of ViaSat consumers received 140 percent or better of the advertised speed of 12 MB per second,” the report said. “In addition, there was very little difference between peak and non peak performance.” Exede customers were typically getting about 16.5 megabits per second instead of the 12 megabits per second, according to the report. Exede estimates more than 40% of their customers having come from unsatisfactory DSL or cable services.

The service starts at $50 a month, with a 10 GB per month usage capacity, though Exede offers five free hours of data cap every night, 365 days a year. Exede also offers several tiers which offer more data consumption for a higher monthly subscription fee. Users who bundle Exede with Direct TV can save $120 over the first twelve months of service, and will also enjoy the new Direct TV Genie feature free of charge.

Exede is currently a finalist for the 2013 Edison Awards, to go along with several awards gained in 2012 along with multiple major military contracts and the partnership with the American Red Cross. ViaSat’s satellite Internet business ended the December quarter with 467,000 total subscribers, compared with 429,000 the prior quarter. For the third consecutive financial quarter, ViaSat surpassed Wall Street projections by several million dollars.