Exede Offers Great Satellite Deal

ViaSat, based out of Carlsbad, CA, launched a new, state of the art satellite (ViaSat 1) in October to boost the reliability, speed and overall quality of the Exede Internet service. The ViaSat 1 satellite accounts for more than seventy percent of the country (including Alaska and Hawaii) and has been steadily growing in the alternative Internet market. ViaSat 1 offers speeds eight times faster than previous satellite systems and four times faster than average DSL speeds, making it the fastest satellite Internet service of all time and, according to the FCC, the most reliable Internet service available in America.

And now, Exede Internet has packaged its award winning service with Direct TV in a deal worth $120 in savings to new users. Exede has download speeds of up 12 MB per second, while Direct TV offers over 170 HD television channels. Recently announced as a finalist for the 2013 Edison Award and already a winner of “Popular Science” magazine’s prestigious Best Of What’s New award in December, Exede Internet is delivering fast, reliable Internet to rural regions of the country who have never experienced it before. To make the package even sweeter, Direct TV is offering the new Genie feature for free for a limited time, allowing users to record and view up to five separate shows at once using just one HD DVR box.

On its own, the Exede broadband service is available in plans ranging in price from $39.99, $69.99 and $119.99 per month, with monthly data usage caps of 10 GB, 15 GB and 25 GB respectively. However, both ViaSat and Direct TV will offer the bundle with a $10 monthly discount for the first twelve months of service for a total savings of $120. Direct TV, meanwhile, has just released their new Genie feature, allowing users to use a single HD DVR box on up to five separate televisions in different rooms. Recently, shares of Carlsbad satellite firm ViaSat surged twenty four percent from quarter to quarter after the company reported better than expected sales and earnings, the third consecutive quarter in which ViaSat has surpassed Wall Street estimations by tens of millions.

ViaSat Inc. announced findings from their most recent financial quarter earlier in the month, beating Wall Street analysts’ forecast of $265.7 million by more than $20 million. ViaSat Inc. also reported a $1.8 million profit, or 4 cents per share, and analysts are now urging clients to “Buy” ViaSat stock. The surge is thanks in large part tothe Exede high speed satellite Internet service and the distribution bundle with Direct TV. ViaSat’s satellite internet business ended the quarter with 467,000 total subscribers, compared with 429,000 the prior quarter.

“The important thing to understand is 12 megabits for $50 bucks a month is a pretty attractive deal, especially in a market where companies are raising their broadband prices,” said ViaSat Chief Executive Mark Dankberg in a conference call with analysts. ViaSat estimates about forty percent of their current customers having come over from unsatisfactory DSL or dial up Internet providers.

In addition to the current Exede high speed satellite Internet bundle with Direct TV, with savings of up to $120 as well the new Direct TV Genie feature for free, Exede users continue to enjoy five hours of free Internet every night as part of Exede’s extremely popular Late Night Free Zone service. Exede offers customers the same daily services and speeds free of charge, five hours per day, without counting towards a customer’s monthly data limit or showing up on the bill in any form.

Bundle Exede and Direct TV today and save big!