Enjoy Exede Internet’s Late Night Free Zone

Exede users continue to enjoy five hours of free Internet every night as part of Exede’s extremely popular Late Night Free Zone service. Exede Internet is powered by one of the strongest satellite systems in the world, ViaSat 1, and was recently selected by the American Red Cross to provide communication services during disaster scenarios. Basic Internet packages with Exede start at $49.99 with 10 GB of space every month.

But after midnight Internet usage drops dramatically. Exede has taken advantage of the unused bandwidth: without stipulations or limitations, Exede offers customers the same daily services and speeds free of charge, five hours per day, without counting towards a customer’s monthly data limit or showing up on the bill in any form.

During these five late night hours, Exede users can take advantage of the free Internet usage to download games, music, and software updates as well as stream videos and podcasts. In addition, Exede customer’s can upload photo galleries, blog postings, HD videos, perform online backups and speed tests, and more. During this time period, the data meter will not run or count towards a customer’s monthly data allowance. Uploads are also one hundred percent free during this five hour period.

If customers have already used up their Data Allowance for the month, they can still use the Late Night Free Zone at the normal speed. To make matters even better, users can schedule downloads and uploads ahead of time to begin during the Late Night Free Zone hours, allowing customer’s to best allocate their data usage. Users who enjoy Late Night Free Zone can pay an additional $9.99 per month to enjoy increased speeds and more data space.

Exede offers download speeds between 10 and 15 MB per second, four times faster than average speeds offered by DSL and dial up, while reaching rural regions that previously did not receive affordable, reliable Internet connections. ViaSat estimates about forty percent of new customers have switched over to Exede from unsatisfactory DSL or dial up providers.

Already a winner of “Popular Science” magazine’s prestigious Best Of What’s New award in December 2012, Exede Internet from ViaSat Inc. is now a finalist for the 2013 Edison Awards, which will be announced in April. Both awards recognize products that revolutionize the industry and further American innovation. With download speeds of 12 MB per second, an all time record for satellite Internet, Exede has achieved both.

More technology awards came along with a number of major military contracts and a partnership with the American Red Cross. ViaSat’s satellite Internet business ended the December quarter with 467,000 total subscribers, compared with 429,000 the prior quarter. For the third consecutive financial quarter, ViaSat surpassed Wall Street projections by several million dollars.

Exede Internet is the fastest satellite Internet option on the market, and according to a recent FCC study provides the most reliable download speeds of any Inter service, including cable and DSL providers. New Exede customers can currently sign up for the service, brought to you by ViaSat Inc., and bundle with another great satellite service, Direct TV. Users who bundles will save $120 over the first twelve months of service. This package includes the new Direct TV Genie feature free of charge. The Genie feature allows users to operate an HD DVR on up to five televisions from just one box.