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It was like a breath of fresh air compared to my previous provider!
Brad, Saratoga WY
I was astonished that the speed was as good as, if not better than, DSL. Nothing but good!
Buzz, Hayfork CA
Exede is the best Internet service I’ve ever had. Even if I had the choice to have DSL or cable or any other form of broadband, I’d still use Exede. It just doesn’t get any better than this.
Charles, Belton TX
The technician was very knowledgeable, and getting started was very easy. Exede has proven itself to be an affordable and superior satellite Internet service.
Dennis, Plymouth NY
I was trapped in the dial-up nightmare … Cable stops 3 houses down the road from me. DSL is to far away to be an option … Now with Exede I can enjoy the Internet like city folks.
Don, Streator IL
Since my work includes using the Internet for international transactions, I needed something that was very dependable with a good transfer speed. I was in for a pleasant surprise. What had formerly taken me up to four hours with a dial-up connection was completed in less than 10 minutes! I can highly recommend the service.
Ivan, Free Union VA
Thank god for Exede. I have been on dial-up for years and no one else offered any service worth paying for. They have been upfront and honest and I have no complaints!
Joe, Nakiski AK
I got my Exede installed within 48 hours of calling — after waiting TWO WEEKS for the local phone company my to come install Internet in my new home. Thanks for being so responsive!
Jeff, Aylett VA
I bought it and consider it to be my best investment in Internet service in years … Thanks for your excellent service. We are receiving fast service like in town, but still get to live in the boonies. It’s awesome!
Joe, Savannah TN
I love my new satellite service — very fast, awesome clarity when video chatting. I’m very pleased — thanks.
Julie, North Bend OR
Exede has been extremely reliable and fast — I can actually use YouTube now! Our service with our prior satellite Internet provider was so slow and spotty that I did not trust it and hardly ever used it. Now I can actually do online banking, pay bills online and order products online from my home. Before I only did those things at work. Keep up the good speed, Exede!
Laurie, Chandler TX
I work from home, and my only option for Internet service is via satellite or dial-up. I would have had to quit my job if not for Exede, because the other satellite Internet service was way too slow. I am so thankful and pleased with this service!
Lois, Covington VA