*Liberty Pass: up to 1-5 Mbps download speeds (morning/daytime) after Priority Data used.

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DSL Speed Traps

Remember! DSL speeds drop based on the distance between the phone company’s exchange and your home. If your home is more than three miles from the exchange, DSL internet speeds will be in the range of Exede’s Liberty Pass. And DSL becomes less reliable with distance. Beware of published DSL speeds. Ask for a speed test into your home before you commit to DSL.

Liberty 10 Plan Details

Here’s How it Works

Use the internet however you’d like at our fastest speeds with Priority Data (12 Mbps download). Just pick your plan based on how much data you and your family typically use on a monthly basis. Liberty Pass offers download speeds from 1 to 5 Mbps and kicks in if you go over your priority allowance.

During morning/daytime hours (usually about 2 a.m. to 5 p.m.), you should be able to do most things you want to do online, such as web browsing and email. You should also be able to stream video, but not on multiple devices, and you may not be able to stream HD video. During evening hours (usually 5 p.m. to 2 a.m.), your speeds will be much slower.

You can still purchase more Priority Data, if needed, or upgrade to a more expensive plan that includes more Priority Data every month.

The Exede Advantage

Faster Downloads

Get 12 Mbps download speed on all plans for Priority Data (even on our entry level plan).

Faster Uploads

3 Mbps upload speed on all plans for Priority Data. Quickly send files, share photos, and video-chat with Skype.

Available Now

Exede does it all. Faster browsing, video streaming, sharing photos, video-chat — Exede internet allows you to do everything you want online – only faster!

Limited Time Offer

  • SAVE $120 during your first year with Exede Internet and phone service bundle
  • Standard Installation is $99 with the Liberty 10 Plan

Before you call…

  • New Exede subscribers have a 24 month commitment.
  • If you cancel Exede service before your commitment term has been reached, there is a $15/mo Early Termination Fee for each month remaining in your commitment.
  • There is a $9.99/mo equipment lease fee.
  • All customers pay for their monthly Exede service using credit card auto pay or checking account electronic funds transfer.
  • Existing Exede customers call 855-463-9333 for Customer Service
  • Visit our Legal Page for Customer Agreements and Legal Disclaimers

Exede Plan Details

  • Equipment Lease Fee: $9.99 per month or $199.99 prepaid 24-month lease – like getting four months free!
  • One-time Account Setup Fee:$149.99 Special Offer: Instant Rebate of $100 reduces Account Setup Fee to $49.99. Call Now.
  • 10 Email Addresses: with more than 10GB of storage per address.
  • FREE antivirus software for a year: We’re extending our standard 3 months of FREE anti-virus software to 12 months. That’s a $36 value for FREE.
  • Buy More: Our Buy More feature gives you the flexibility to purchase more data in 1 GB increments.
  • Standard Installation: $99.99
  • Contract Term: 24 months

Compare Exede against the Competition

Exede: $59.99 + $9.99 lease. Remember: Exede Liberty 10 includes the liberty Pass with almost unlimited data (at slower speeds) if your monthly Priority Data is consumed.
Hughes Gen4: $49.99 + $9.99 lease
DISH Network: $49.99 + $9.99 lease with bundle. $59.99 without bundle
The Exede Advantage: Same price but you get faster speeds and more bandwidth.
Exede: $149.00 $49.99†
Hughes Gen4: $99-$49 rebate
DISH Network: $99 waived if new customer
The Exede Advantage: No mail in rebate to wait for.
Exede: No SSN required.Just DOB
Hughes Gen4: SSN required
DISH Network: SSN required
The Exede Advantage: Exede does not require a Social Security Number for the credit check.
Exede: 12 MBps
Hughes Gen4: 10 Mbsp
DISH Network: 10 Mbps
The Exede Advantage: The fastest download speeds of any satellite internet provider
Exede: 3 MBps
Hughes Gen4: 1 Mbsp
DISH Network: 1 Mbps
The Exede Advantage: The fastest upload speeds of any satellite internet provider
Exede: 10GB + Almost unlimited with the Liberty Pass (at slower speeds)
Hughes Gen4: 10GB + 10GB from 2-8am
DISH Network: 10GB + 10GB from 2-8am
The Exede Advantage: You can download 1 HD movie a day with Exede versus 4 movies a month with the competition
Exede: $149
Hughes Gen4: $199 – $50 rebate
DISH Network: $199
The Exede Advantage: No mail in rebate to wai
Exede: $49
Hughes Gen4: $99 – $50 rebate
DISH Network: $199
The Exede Advantage: No mail in rebate to wait for

Terms & Conditions

One-time standard installation fee may be charged at the time of sale. Minimum 24-month service term. Monthly service fees and taxes apply. Equipment lease fee is $9.99 per month. Speeds are “up to,” are not guaranteed, and will vary. Essential 10 Plan: Service is subject to data transmission limits measured on a monthly basis. Liberty Plans: Liberty Pass speeds are slower than Priority Data speeds and will vary greatly based on time of day and network traffic in your area. Liberty Pass speeds may be very slow when the network is busy. Heavier users of Liberty Pass may experience slower speeds than lighter users. See Data Allowance Policy at www.exede.com/Legal for details. Service is not available in all areas. All offers may be changed or withdrawn at any time. Exede is a registered service mark of ViaSat, Inc.